Tidewater Motel

Vinalhaven, Maine
P.O. Box 546
Vinalhaven, ME 04863-0546 

Your Hosts
The Tidewater Motel is built on a bridge separating Carver's Harbor to the south from Carver's Pond, its tidal estuary, to the north. The same rush of ocean water coming and going right under your harborside room once powered a blacksmith shop and grist mill on the site. Soon we hope the water will be generating power again. Installation of the world's first helical turbine is underway. If successful, it will supply much of the motel's power. 

Few views can equal those at the Tidewater and few places are as relaxing; the ebb and flow is nature's own sedative. Still, the world's most productive lobster fleet, anchored right outside your window, gets an early start, so you may not want to sleep in. Open year-round, the Tidewater is the island's only motel. If you want to be closer to the water, you'll want to bring a towel. 

We are very supportive of families with kids and offer family rates that allow large families to stay for no more than a couple with one child. 

Guest Rooms

Comfy Rooms

Most of our rooms are right on the busy harbor. Others look out over the serenity of Carver's Pond. Typically, each room has its own deck overhanging the water, a queen bed and a single bed, cable TV, and private bath. Other accommodations are tucked away elsewhere in the motel and we've tried to make these unique in some way. Many of our rooms have full kitchens. 

Living & Meeting Room
One of these, the spacious Harbor Master's Berth, boasts a commanding view of the harbor and the southern bay beyond, and can accommodate a large family or serve as a meeting place for as many as forty people. Several rooms on the upper floors can be combined to create suites for families or big groups.

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"The Tidewater bills itself as being closer to the water than anyone. Whether there is a hostelry somewhere in Bermuda with an inch on the Tidewater is anybody's guess but there is something to the claim. All the comings and goings that are so vital to island life take place outside the Tidewater's windows. Maine doesn't get much more authentic than Vinalhaven and the Tidewater has the best view in town." Downeast Magazine, June 1998

"The Tidewater is an outstanding little motel." An Explorer's Guide to Maine

"Your feet practically touch the water." Moon's Handbook to Maine

"Our women have been raving about the weekend at the Tidewater. Your kindness has given them memories to treasure." Rosie's Place, Boston

"Well suh, ain't this keen!" Offered by Argyle McFadden who'd come down to the island from Aroostook, on the occasion of his nephew's wedding.